When I started training with you I was quite unfit, quite overweight (size 14-16), and had very little confidence in the gym.

You immediately put me at ease, and although hard work, every session was enjoyable and exhilarating. In a short time the results began to show and this was a further motivation to continue exercising regularly.

I have now moved away from the area, but continue to train in my local gym, and for the first time in my life am now a size 10, and 3 stone lighter than before I had children! I am fitter, healthier, more confident, and much happier.

So a huge thank you for all your time and effort, which continues to make a massive difference in my life.

Thanks Andy, and all the very best for the future of Procision... and Happy Christmas too!

Anna, Poole

Hi Andy, just wanted to say a big FAT (not anymore!!!) thank you for everything you have done for me. I have to admit that I was sceptical about it being possible for me to lose as many inches and as much fat as you said I could in just 28 days with training just 20 minutes or so a day, but here I am, now in my 5th week of training with you, 4 inches smaller 6kg less fat, and 100% more energy. Immense. Can’t wait for Weds!

Steve, 38 Weymouth

Train with him train with him train with him!

If you hate exercise as much as I do, or rather did, then I recommend getting in touch with Andy Sloan. There used to be literally nothing I liked to do exercise wise, and I was getting more and more out of shape. I decided something had to be done, so called Procision Fitness and spoke to Andy, and decided to see him once a week initially for 6 weeks. I was so nervous about our first session, as I wasn’t at all confident in myself and was worried about how unfit I would be. My fears were totally unfounded though, as that first session totally amazed me. We trained at my house using his resistance bands and some weighted balls, and I actually really enjoyed it! I trained with him for 12 weeks, and although it was tough at times, I really loved it. The results were better than I ever imagined, and in those 12 weeks I went from an unfit size 16 to a comfortable size 12, and running in a 10k race!

Rachael, 26, Weymouth

I came to Andy as pretty much a last resort, as arthritic knee pain had been preventing me from doing any sort of training. Although there’s no cure for the arthritis, Andy and his training have helped me get back to an active lifestyle, and I now enjoy walking, cycling, a few weights here and there, and best of all, playing with my grandchildren with much less discomfort than I’ve felt for years. Thanks Andy, and keep up the great work fella.

Martin, 63, Weymouth

I have found the Procision fitness circuit's classes have been an excellent way to improve my mobility, strength and stamina. The combination of high intensity and resistance training is easy for anyone of any ability to follow and targets fat loss, muscle building and heart and lung fitness

Where other workouts can be boring and stale, I found Andy's circuits classes where full of variety and so many variables that I found I had discovered a new and exciting way to meet my exercise and fitness needs. The classes are full of motivation and fun

Claire, 32, Weymouth

Andy is a really great sports massage therapist and at all times he is very professional. I have worked with many people like Andy over the years and he truly is one of the best. Andy has an in depth knowledge of how the muscles, tendons and nerves are supposed to work and feel and how, after a sports injury, they adapt and change which can sometimes prevent full healing. Andy uses massage techniques to smooth inflamed areas and lengthen shortened muscle fibres. He massages away trapped lactic acid so the muscles move more easily. Andy also has a great sense of humour, which make the massage sessions fun too.

Jennie, 44, Weymouthtrong>

I have found the training to be fantastic, very tailor made and the results amazing. I have found Andy to be very motivational whilst making the training fun. He's always on time and makes getting up at 6am 3 times a week something I want to do. The results have given me greater confidence in myself and I am looking forward to continuing training with Andy..First class instructor!!!

Bobby, 32, Weymouth

I couldn't believe it when I first spoke to Andy. Not only did he tell me that yes, he could help me lose my stubborn belly fat that no diet or workout program had managed to do to date, but he also told me that he would guarantee that I would lose a set amount within the month, or he'd give me my money back. At first I thought maybe he was just selling it to me, but when he signed a contract stating he would deliver, I was like 'wow, this guy knows what he's on about'. Did I get my money back? No! In return for his guarantee, I committed to the program 100% and ended up losing over 3 inches in the first 4 weeks, and another 1.5 the following fortnight! I can't thank Andy enough for his tireless effort and hard work with me. The training is always fun, and the buzz I get from it (and seeing the results) is amazing. Thank you so, so much Andy.

Sarah, 31, Weymouth

Thank you for a varied 6 weeks programme; the final results exceeded my expectations I enjoyed working with you in the individual sessions which had a variety of exercises every session, and the advice you provided during these sessions was valuable The hardest part of the 6 week course was finding time to eat every 2-3 hrs! The results were great – 7Kg lighter, and over 4” smaller at the waist and hips.

Anne, 50, Portland

A few months after having my first child I decided it was time to shift the mummy tummy, and remembering that Sue had trained with you a while back after her having her 4th I gave you a call. Your workouts were always fun and varied, and the way you structured the program enabled me to fit it in around my new born (Maggie) with no problems. The mummy tummy has gone and I'm now very close to getting back to the size 8 I was 2 years ago. Just wanted to say thanks again and to wish you all the best for the future.

Jemma, 27, Bridport
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