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Sports Teams

Ready to take your teams training and performance to the next level?

Procision Fitness can provide you with professional sports specific conditioning based on the demands and requirements of your sport, and even each performers specific position. Utilising proven methods of training to enhance all aspects of performance such as speed, agility, quickness, power, endurance, strength and functional flexibility, we will help ensure your team can achieve the fitness and skill level necessary to drive forward and compete at higher levels.

Procision Fitness has worked with many local teams and individuals looking to enhance their performance in new ways. Teams have included Weymouth Tennis Club, Weymouth Victoria Football Club, Tornadoes of South Dorset Swimming Club and Weymouth Badminton Academy. Individuals range from those wanting to improve a 50m swim time, to those competing at Ironman distance triathlon, endurance challenges, and even someone training for a world record breaking South Pole attempt.

Full, periodised fitness program design is also available for a whole season, or parts of the season in order to maximise the time spent in training and minimise the risk of burnout and injury.

Prices begin from just £35 per hour, and sessions can be delivered from grassroots to elite level. Time depending, it is also possible to contract Procision Fitness for a set number of weeks to deliver training to your squad.

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