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Sports Massage

Although termed Sports Massage, this service can benefit almost anyone suffering with aches, pains or conditions limiting their daily life. Your therapist will come to your home or place of work complete with all necessary equipment and carry out a full assessment to determine the problem, and subsequently provide the necessary treatments.

In addition to this, should it be necessary, you will also be given exercises to perform outside of your appointments in order to correct the problem quickly, effectively and safely, and prevent it from occurring again.

Whether you wish to address a problem or condition, recover from training or competition, or simply relax, appropriately administered sports and remedial massage therapy is a fantastic tool to utilise.


Initial Assessment – 60-75 minutes -  £40

Follow ups45 minutes £35 30 minutes - £30

Check out what our clients have had to say about the sports massage treatments:

Having suffered with lower back pain for over 3 years, I was recommended to Andy through a friend. He made me feel very comfortable and relaxed, and within 3 treatments and after sticking to the exercises he gave me, my back now gives me no pain whatsoever. Thanks Andy. – Julie, Dorchester

I regularly use Andy for post event massage, and find it’s great to help me unwind and to boost recovery. Phil, 25, Runner  


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