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Personal Training

Personal training is, or at least should be, more than just having someone stand over you in the gym, pushing you to do ‘just one more rep’. It should be about a trained professional guiding you through every aspect of a holistic, bespoke program designed to get you results, and get them on time, through methods that are appropriate and realistic to you.

That’s why with Procision Fitness, personal training is about one thing. YOU. It’s because of this that clients get an individually tailored fitness and health program designed entirely around achieving their goals, while also improving every aspect of general health. No two people are the same, so why should everyone’s fitness program be the same, right?

To create the most effective, efficient and realistic program, you will first meet with Andy for a free consultation, and discuss in depth what it is you wish to achieve and everything that relates to the goal. You will subsequently undergo a comprehensive fitness and health assessment in order to determine your current position in relation to achieving your goals, as well as uncover any underlying issues that must be resolved through the program.

Only once this has been completed and all necessary data collected will your program be created. You will be provided with a complete blueprint of your program, detailing exactly what you need to do each week in terms of exercises, sessions, nutrition and anything else that is necessary to achieving your goals. This means that you will know precisely what it is that you need to do when you are not with your trainer in order to remain on track to succeed, and perhaps most importantly, ensure you remain motivated.

Training can take place in a variety of locations, such as your home, several local gyms, your office and the great outdoors. This ensures once again that the training is about you, as personal training sessions can take place at a location to best suit your lifestyle and commitments. Because of the wide range of disciplines and methods of training Procision Fitness has at his disposal, you can be sure that your program will be both effective and enjoyable.


The most effective way to get yourself on track to achieving your desired fitness level and body shape is by using one of our 6 week packages. These include the following:

• 1 x Health & Fitness Assessment
• 30 minutes nutrition coaching, complete with appropriate diet if necessary
• Full, unique training program
• 1,2,3 or 4 sessions per week for 6 weeks
• 24/7 access to trainer via email, and access between 5am and 11pm via telephone

Platinum 4 x PT sessions per week
Gold 3 x PT sessions per week
Silver 2 x PT sessions per week
Bronze 1 x PT session per week
Block booking personal training - 10 sessions

For those unable to commit to a full 6 week course, it is possible to book sessions in blocks of 10 or more. A Health and Fitness Assessment must also be completed prior to commencing training (approximately 90 minutes), and program design will also be charged.

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