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Procision Fitness recognise that when working in a fast paced corporate environment, people often don’t want to train when they get home from work. The stress of working life, coupled with the lack of physical activity, then combines to negatively impact upon the individual’s health and wellbeing, and subsequently brings about reduced motivation for work, decreased health and therefore a greater chance of absenteeism. This combines to reduce the productivity of the employee, and ultimately the organisation. 

However it doesn’t have to be like this, as there is no reason why every member of the workforce cannot have access to sufficient physical activity and health provisions within their own workplace.

Procision Fitness can provide a range of services for organisations to help improve the wellbeing, motivation and productivity of the workforce, through professional fitness, health and lifestyle consulting and the provision of appropriate physical activity within the corporate setting.

The Services

Monthly Health and Wellbeing Check

This includes –

o 45 minute initial consultation to assess posture, nutritional and exercise habits, health risks and issues of each employee
o Full Action Plan for each employee, including a full fitness, health and corrective exercise programme
o Guidebook on eating for optimum health
o Full access to Wellbeing Consultant via telephone and email
o Monthly 30 minute consultations to assess programme, progress, improvements and to make any necessary adaptations

Fitness, Nutrition and Health Workshops –

This includes –

o During lunch breaks, or after work, your Wellbeing Consultant can come to the workplace and provide workshops on fitness and nutrition
o Each employee will be given a guidebook on the chosen workshop in order to help make positive changes in their lifestyles
o During workshops, employees will learn how to eat, move and be healthy in order to optimise function and performance

In office fitness and flexibility training –

o Your trainer will come to your office with all necessary equipment and provide personal or group fitness and flexibility sessions for staff in as little as 20 minutes
o This optimises time and can be performed as a ‘sweat free’ workout, while still gaining fantastic benefits
o Each employee will also be coached through a series of stretches and exercises to counteract the poor postures people often adopt due to spending too much time at a desk in a seated position
o Session frequency is dependent on requirements of organisation, but can be provided weekly or daily

In office sports and remedial massage therapy –

The stresses of work life are often accompanied by muscular and postural imbalances, and a feeling of stress and ill health. Therefore Procision Fitness can come into your workplace and provide chair or couch based massage in order to reduce stress, improve posture and wellbeing and help restore proper function.

To arrange a consultation or gain a quote regarding the above services, please contact Procision Fitness via the Contacts page.

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