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Weymouth Triathletes tear it up in the snow

Friday, December 3rd, 2010


Yesterday, To the MAX was on the brink of being cancelled, for the first time ever!


The snow had forced our usual facility to be closed, and they wouldn’t let us in to train, so I put my head down, and though ’sod it. Let’s get out there’. So we did. I pinged a text and an email to the 24 strong group of triathletes and runners of varying abilities, letting them know that the session would be running, but outdoors, on the stoney Overcombe beach and along the prom, in the snow.


These guys love to train. They see and feel the results. They see the benefit in the work we do. They enjoy the program, and they never give excuses for not being able to train (maybe the occasional genuine reason, but never an excuse). That said, I wasn’t sure how the team would respond to knowing they had to get out in -5 celcius to train in the snow and ice.


There was no way my car was getting out of my ice rink of a road, so I donned a load of layers, and ran the 3 miles to the meeting point. A couple were already there, a little cold, but ready to go for it. Then a couple more turned up Then 4 more, then another one, until eventually, come 6.30pm, we had a 16 strong team of people ready to train. Ready to stick two fingers up to the weather, and get their training done. These guys, I said to myself, are dedicated WINNERS.




So anyway, I thought you’d like to see what we got up to:


Warm up

About 3-5 minutes jogging, followed by an unloaded full body complex of lunges, squats, push ups and more.


Stage 1: Run and Rep (the real R&R!)

30 paces sprint: 10-25 push ups: 30 paces sprint: 10-25 squats: 30 paces sprint: 10 single leg squats per leg: 30 pace sprint: plank to push up position switch: 30 pace sprint. Repeated x 2-3


Stage 2: Lunge and Leg it

20 walking lunges: 70 meter sprint. Repeated x 2

40 walking lunges: 50 meter sprint. Repeated x 2


Stage 3: Buddy Bondage Push ups

Partner A is in full push up position on floor. Partner B has on hand on A’s ass, one on shoulder. 2 push ups. Shift round so both hands on A’s shoulders. 2 push ups. Shift round to other side, one hand on ass, one on shoulder. 2 push ups. Each repeat for 2:2:2, then 3:3:3: then 4:4:4, each with 20 squats in between each complete set.


Stage 4: Ass blast and boot it

Tall to small squats x 20

Single leg jumps x 5 per leg

30 pace sprint x 1

Repeated x 3


Stage 5: Piggy back hike

Patner A carries B for 30-50 paces, swap and B carries A back. Repeat x 3. No running allowed, just fast walking with knees slightly bent the whole time. Savage thigh burn.


Stage 6 (optional): Run!

At the end of the workout, at least 8 of the team said ‘well we’re here, so let’s go for a little run’. So they smashed out a brisk 1.5 miles running to polish off the session.


AMAZING workout, enjoyed by all.


Try it out ;-)



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Triathlon Specific Conditioning Class

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010


To the MAX is on it’s way back!

That’s right, you read it correctly, the much talked about To the MAX – Triathlon and Endurance Sports Conditioning sessions are coming back, and this time there’s a BIG twist!

Those of you who attended previous phases of TTM already know the benefits of the type of training I’ll be putting you through. The evening sessions, combined with the winning attitudes from participants, helped to enable several of the group to compete in and complete their first IRONMAN triathlon, several people to complete their very FIRST triathlon, and a pile of people to smash their PB’s. The conditioning also helped me to complete 2 x Ironman races in the space of 5 weeks, both in faster times than last year (the 2nd of this year was the fastest yet!). And the next few months of conditioning are also going to help me complete Ironman events on back to back weekends in 2011 too. Bottom line: IT WORKS. Below the bottom line: It’s going to be EVEN BETTER this time around! Here’s why:

Earlier this year I headed out to Florida to undergo some professional development at the world famous
Institute of Human Performance, which is the facility created and directed by world renowned strength and functional training coach, Juan Carlos Santana. While over there I became one of just 3 people in the whole of the UK to become an IHP certified functional training specialist, but that’s not the really important bit.

The really important bit,
is that while over there, I told JC that I wanted to drop my training volume but still get great results in Ironman. You see, in December I’d had a shoulder operation which put me out for a while, and had left me with just 18 weeks to train. With the shortage of weeks, and the fact that I was working anything from a 45-65 hour week all in, time wasn’t on my side. I told JC that I knew it was possible for us to get me in great condition in no time at all, and that I was sure there’s a better way of training for long distance without having to put in the 5-10,000m in the pool, 200-300 miles per week on a bike, or the 40-80 miles a week running volume that you hear of elite age groupers and pros talking about. We needed to come up with a way to hit my targets, but with approximately 40-50% less volume than I’d completed per week in the previous season, and in 34 weeks less.

So, we sat down, discussed every aspect of my past training, what works, what doesn’t work, and then began to devise a plan. What we came up with was something (so far as we’re aware) that had never before trialed in the triathlon or endurance sports world, and something that broke pretty much every rule of training for long distance. So what was involved? I won’t break down specifics YET, but: My training hours for the 18 weeks were 7-12 per week, including 2-3 x strength and conditioning sessions per week. I swam on average just twice per week. My only long rides were the 4 that I did between 70-83 miles. I did only one long run (this was 15 miles). Compared with the 14-20 hours per week I trained last year, in that 18 week period, I must have SAVED myself maybe 120-150 hours! That’s 5 or 6 days!

Did the training work? Absolutely. Ironman France was faster than IMUK the previous year, and IMUK this year was faster than them both!

So why am I telling YOU this?

Because, through To the MAX, I plan to deliver a full 42 week training program, using the same system that JC and I devised, to help YOU and another 19 people to achieve their triathlon goals, with minimum training, but maximum effect. You may be training for Ironman like myself and a pile of other guys from
Bustinskin Tri club, you may be training for 70.3, or standard distance, maybe sprint or super sprint. You may be a total novice, or possibly an elite age grouper, but one thing that there is no maybe about, is the fact that whatever you want to do, you want to do it well, you want to be injury free, and you want to be able to ENJOY training for it, and completing it. And that’s why I’m telling you this. Whatever distance you’re training for, whatever level you’re competing at, this program WILL work for you. It’s going to give you a total blueprint of exactly what you have to do on each day, and will even be taking you through nutritional strategies for triathlon success. To cap it off, I’ll be delivering the strength and conditioning program to you through the To the MAX sessions (these will be 1-2 evenings per week for one hour). I’m taking literally all the guesswork out of your training, and giving you the chance to spend more time with your family and friends, and just relaxing, and less time wasting time on junk miles in the pool and on the road.

I know it’s not quite the end of this season yet, and that’s why this program will be kicking off in mid October. BUT I wanted to touch base with you right now, to wet your appetite, give you an idea of what’s going on, and let you know that YOU have the chance to be part of something special. Once this program has been completed, and results show that it works for you as well as it worked for me (probably even better as we’re improving it RIGHT NOW), JC and I plan to undertake some sort of a project, either a book or a DVD detailing the new way to train for going long, without ever needing to go long.

That’s it from me for today. If you’re remotely interested or excited by this (and I’m guessing you are seeing as you’ve taken the time to read this loooong email), then please send me an email letting me know. Feel free to include a couple of details about yourself if you like, such as the event you wish to train for, your current level, any significant achievements thus far etc.


Over to you . . . .

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Friday, September 18th, 2009

At long last . . . .




Day and Time: Thursday’s 7pm for 1 hour

Location: Wey Valley School, Dorchester Rd, Weymouth


Price: £30 for full 6 week block


This class is set to be the first of its kind in Dorset, and is open to all ability levels from novice through to professional athletes. Triathlon is one of the UK’s fastest growing sports, with more people taking it up each year in order to test their endurance to the maximum. With normal distances ranging from Super Sprint to Ironman, the sport is extremely physically and mentally demanding, with athletes generally swimming, cycling and running for anything from 5 to 40 hours per week in training depending on their level and the distance they are training for.


However, what many triathletes and endurance athletes frequently neglect is their strength and stability training. Appropriate strength and conditioning for the endurance athlete is essential for optimising performance, but very few have ever explored past the realms of traditional bodybuilding type training, which is largely ineffective for the endurance athlete. It’s for this reason that Procision Fitness has set up ‘To The Max’, a triathlon and endurance sports specific group fitness class, designed entirely to improve swim, bike and run performance through a program of highly specific and functional training.


Within the sessions we will be utilising bodyweight, resistance bands, medicine balls and various other bits of equipment in order to perform the most comprehensive range of triathlon specific exercises around, to improve function and subsequent performance. The whole year of training has been devised around the triathlon season, and I’ll be taking the participants through every phase of training, from stability, right through to power endurance and beyond.


Due to the nature of triathlon, these sessions will also be of great use to swimmers, cyclists and runners looking to gain an extra edge in their performance. So, if you are a triathlete, endurance athlete, swimmer, cyclist or runner, this session really is a must if you want to not only boost performance, but also learn how to effectively improve your strength and conditioning, all within a fun filled environment!


There is also a prize up for grabs, 3 FREE PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS for the first person to complete the Procision FItness ‘TO THE MAX’ Leg Slam Challenge!


Due to the specific nature of the sessions, numbers are limited to just 16, so be sure to book in quickly to secure your place. For bookings or more details, contact me via, or call 07843438173.


All bookings must be made by Tuesday 6th October please ;-)

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