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Friday, September 18th, 2009

At long last . . . .




Day and Time: Thursday’s 7pm for 1 hour

Location: Wey Valley School, Dorchester Rd, Weymouth


Price: £30 for full 6 week block


This class is set to be the first of its kind in Dorset, and is open to all ability levels from novice through to professional athletes. Triathlon is one of the UK’s fastest growing sports, with more people taking it up each year in order to test their endurance to the maximum. With normal distances ranging from Super Sprint to Ironman, the sport is extremely physically and mentally demanding, with athletes generally swimming, cycling and running for anything from 5 to 40 hours per week in training depending on their level and the distance they are training for.


However, what many triathletes and endurance athletes frequently neglect is their strength and stability training. Appropriate strength and conditioning for the endurance athlete is essential for optimising performance, but very few have ever explored past the realms of traditional bodybuilding type training, which is largely ineffective for the endurance athlete. It’s for this reason that Procision Fitness has set up ‘To The Max’, a triathlon and endurance sports specific group fitness class, designed entirely to improve swim, bike and run performance through a program of highly specific and functional training.


Within the sessions we will be utilising bodyweight, resistance bands, medicine balls and various other bits of equipment in order to perform the most comprehensive range of triathlon specific exercises around, to improve function and subsequent performance. The whole year of training has been devised around the triathlon season, and I’ll be taking the participants through every phase of training, from stability, right through to power endurance and beyond.


Due to the nature of triathlon, these sessions will also be of great use to swimmers, cyclists and runners looking to gain an extra edge in their performance. So, if you are a triathlete, endurance athlete, swimmer, cyclist or runner, this session really is a must if you want to not only boost performance, but also learn how to effectively improve your strength and conditioning, all within a fun filled environment!


There is also a prize up for grabs, 3 FREE PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS for the first person to complete the Procision FItness ‘TO THE MAX’ Leg Slam Challenge!


Due to the specific nature of the sessions, numbers are limited to just 16, so be sure to book in quickly to secure your place. For bookings or more details, contact me via, or call 07843438173.


All bookings must be made by Tuesday 6th October please ;-)

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Sunday, September 6th, 2009

COMING SOON . . . . . . .


Anyone who has ever trained or competed at multi-sport or endurance events such as triathlon, duathlon, biathlon, long and ultra distance running etc spends masses of time in the water, on a saddle, or in running shoes. For the most part, this is quite right. After all, you’re not going to get good at swimming, cycling or running without the use of water, a bike, and a decent pair of running shoes. So of course, a huge part of your training time will be spent swimming, biking and running.


However, what the vast majority of multi-sport athletes tend to neglect, is the stability and strength training necessary to help boost performance, reduce the risk of injury, and really hammer away at their PB times. As an endurance and multisport athlete, if you have performed any type of gym based training, the chances are that you won’t have exlpored much beyond the realms of traditional ‘bodybuilding’ type training. This method of training for strength does have it’s place, however it’s of limited value for endurance and multi-sport athletes. That said, strength training, in it’s appropriate form, should hold a key position in the training program of a multi/endurance sport athlete. 


You may be of the mindset that gym based training has no place in triathlon and other multisport events, as you feel that by putting on muscle and size, your times will slow as you become heavier, less mobile and less hydro and aerodynamic. If you’re thinking about training with traditional ‘bodybuilding’ movements, you’re most probably correct. However, through an appropriate strength training regime, that focuses on developing muscle strength and efficiency through training functional movements used in the sport(s) as opposed to isolating muscle groups, you can significantly improve your performance.


Put it this way, if you’re training for swimming, running or cycling, performing heavy bent over rows or bench press has little to no value in enhancing your performance. However, utilising functional strength and stability based exercises that mimic aspects of your chosen discipline(s) will help you develop as an althlete, through not only increasing contractile strength, but also the much talked about ‘firing’ of your muscles. (Swimming - aspects such as the catch and pull, as well as the rotational torso action during freestyle. Cycling - for instance the powerful driving force through either leg on a 10% incline, core element of cornering. Running - including the transfer of weight from one side to another, speeding up, slowing down).


Check out the exercises below and notice how they relate to the each sport -


Anterior Reach - Bottom Phase


This anterior reach with a single arm row is a great move for training single leg stability as well as an efficient arm drive for running, while also working the lower back effectively.


Total Body Swim Specific Exercise

Down phase of swim-specific 'polling' exercise


This polling exercise helps to develop a powerful pull during freestyle, by developing the lats, rear deltoids and triceps during the downward phase. On the way back to the top, the front and mid delts also get a workout for good measures!


Top phase of adapted single leg squat

Down phase of adapted single leg squat


How about these modified single leg squats, finishing in an (albeit slightly exagerrated) aero position, and working the glutes, hamstrings and quads, while also hitting out some core in the process.


So why am I telling you this . . . . ?


The reason for the above, is that Procision Fitness is soon to bring you the areas very first TRIATHLON/ENDURANCE SPORT SPECIFIC FITNESS CLASS! Although no dates or locations are set in stone, the class will be commencing in mid-late October, most probably on a Thursday evening, starting around 6.30/7pm at a Weymouth location.


The training is going to be approprately phased and 100% geared toward multi/endurance sport success, ensuring that you get the best gains possible. In addition to the weekly session, you will have the option for a heavily discounted individual strength training program specifically for your event(s).


So keep your ears and eyes open, and await the full details! If you have any questions, or want any extra info, feel free to get in contact via the contacts page.


Yours in training


Andy ;-)

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