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Do trainers train?

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Earlier on today I was chatting to a guy in the gym about training, and after telling me that he struggled to find the time due to working a 40 hour week, and commitments involving the pub and saturday nights out, he asked me whether I actually practice what I preach, and  manage to make time for training myself. The answer was a resounding YES!. On average, I work 30 hours a week contact time with clients,  as well as spending 10-20 hours a week on preperation/program writing/business running etc,  and around 10-20 hours a week reading, as well as fitting in time for friends, family and girlfriend. In terms of training, I’m currently preparing to compete at Ironman distance triathlon (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, then 26.2 mile run), which is pretty time consuming as you can guess! So I told him my last weeks training……


Monday: 1. Sea swim 1 hour   2. Run - 10 mins half marathon pace, 30 mins at 2 min hard:3 min marathon pace, 20 mins half marathon pace 3. 20 minutes flexibility and SMR


Tuesday: 1 - Bike - 2 hours at 18mph average speed (36 miles) 2 - 20 minutes flexibility and SMR


Wednesday: 1. Sea swim - 45 min   2. 20 minutes flexibility


Thursday: 1. Run - 1 hour at half marathon pace    2. Bike - 90 minutes including 30 minutes hills  3. 20 minutes SMR


Friday: 1 - Sea swim 90 minutes


Saturday: 1. Bike 4 hours at 19mph average speed, then 30 minute run straight after at marathon pace   2. 20 minutes flexibility and SMR


Sunday - REST! Including 30 minutes flexibility and SMR 


Needless to say, the guy was pretty shocked by the sheer time I devote to training each week despite 50-70 hours of work related commitments, and his response was ‘I suppose I don’t have any excuses for fitting in my 4 hours a week then!’ For most, it’s not necessary to do anywhere near that amount of training, but for the event I am competing in, it is! However, a couple of trainers I know don’t train. When I ask why, I bet you can guess the answer…….’I spend so much time working I just don’t have time’. Really?!


So there you have a week in the life of Andy! Boring I know, but the big answer is, yes I do train! When you are commited to achieving a goal, you have to go for it, and make sure that you find the time. I am, and you can to, whether its for fat loss, an event or sport, or simply to feel and look better.


Yours in training


Andy ;-)

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Need to shape up for sun, sea, sand and skimpy summerwear?!

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Lose 10-20lbs weight in just 4 weeks!


We have now passed midway point in June. The sun has been on and off for a while now, but when it’s been on, its been ON! If you’re like lot’s of people I’ve been chatting to, you have already been digging out your bikinis, swim shorts and skin bearing summer clothing, and asking yourself how on earth you are going to get back into them after staying in Christmas mode for the first half of 2009. Maybe you’ve been out shopping for summer clothing and it’s now hit home that there’s not long until the holidays, and with that, bearing lots of skin while sunbathing, and that you don’t have much time to get into shape.


Well it’s true, there’s not loads of time until the official summer, but luckily there IS TIME, so long as you know how to utilise it, and really go for it with 100% effort in terms of eating right and training right. Now I’m not talking about hours on a cross trainer, or loads of weights in the gym, combined with ’starving yourself thin’ or any radical diets you may have treid previously. What I am talking about is efficient training to get your body fit for flaunting. Training and eating well enough to get rid of the ‘does this make me look fat’ fear that so many people are plagued with at this time of year, and finally give you a body that functions well, looks fit, and is healthy, in addition to boosting your energy levels so you can really make the most of the summertime. Because after all, you want to ENJOY the holidays, rather than sepnd them worrying about how you look.


So here’s what I’m going to do for you. I’m going to give you some simple, easy to follow advice on improving your diet (simple advice that has helped my personal clients lose on average between 10-20lbs in 4 weeks). I’m also going to give you some workouts to do for 4 weeks, which require minimal equipment, and can be compelted in as little as 20 minutes a day, that will strip fat faster more efficiently than anything else you have tried. The best thing, you’re going to get it all for free, right now!


The Program


This program requires total commitment, which, if you are truly serious about getting your body ready for summer, should not be a problem. All you have to do is commit to following ALL the nutritional guidelines I give you, and perform one workout per day (these are detailed below) at least 5 days per week for 4 weeks. Can you do that? If the answer is ‘I don’t think I have time’….Rubbish. If you can’t find/make 20 minutes of spare time in a day then there really is no hope for you! Sorry, but that’s the truth. If you are commited to achieving the body you want ready for summer, you will find time. Best thing I can suggest, is schedule each 20 minute session into your diary on a weekly/monthly basis and stick to it, just as you would any other appointment!




To achieve the 10-20lbs weight loss within the 4 week period, you need to stick to these guidelines 100%, no excuses. Here they are:


  1. Go to your cupboards and get rid of all packaged/processed foods (if you don’t want to waste them, at least get them out of the hosue, so give them to a family member/friend to look after!). Why? Because additives/preservatives put into food are un-necessary in your diet, and as well as being linked to many illnesses, lead to increased fat storage and a reduction in the efficiency of your bodys internal systems.
  2. Cut ALL of the following from your diet, 100% - wheat, gluten and grains (e.g pasta, rice, flour), dairy, sugar, artificial sweeteners/packaged/processed foods, alcohol, caffeine.
  3. Eat only fresh, whole foods (preferably organic for best results), including beef, lamb, chicken, pheasant, beef, turkey, fish, eggs, all fruit and vegetables (as much as you like), all herbs and spices
  4. Eat smaller, balanced (meals containing proteins, carbs and fats) meals every 2-4 hours up to 6 meals per day.
  5. Drink plenty of water (filtered preferably). Depending on body size, anything between 2-4 litres per day should do the trick.


The Workouts


Perform 3 x resistance per week, and 2-3 x cardio per week, for 20 minutes per day minimum (for best results, perform workouts twice per day, either back to back, or one early and one later on). remain active on rest days by going walking/swimming, cycling etc. Alternate training each day, e.g. Monday resistance, tues cardio, weds resistance etc.




Perform the following in a circuit, working for 40 seconds on each exercise, then resting for 20 seconds in between exercises (if this is too hard, do 30:30), working as hard as you can while maintaining perfect form. Once you have completed all exercises (6 minutes), rest for 1 minute and repeat 3-6 times. Perfom 3-5 minutes walking/cycling/jogging to warm up before circuit, then some stretching for each major muscle group worked at the end of the session, holding for 20-30s each.


  1. Bodyweight squat
  2. Push ups (kneeling if necessary)
  3. Bodyweight lunge
  4. Single leg anterior reach (stand on 1 leg, with tall posture, with one arm out in front. Slowly reach forwards, bending at hips and knees and touch an object approx 12-16 inches from the florr, then return to start)
  5. Dumbbell bent over rows (if no dumbbells, use household objects such as heavy bottles)
  6. Squat thrusts/single leg squat thrusts




Choose 1-3 of the following activities each session: fast walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, skipping, cross training, stepping.


Perform 2-3 minutes hard effort on one activity, then rest for 30s-2 minutes, before repeating for the next activity (if only one appeals to you, perform all intervals using the one method). Continue this for 20-30 minutes, then follow with stretches for all major musles worked, holding each for 20-30s).


Ready to commit?


So that’s it. Sounds simple huh? That’s because it IS! Simple, yet highly effective and time efficient, and I’ve used similar (and in fact these particular wokouts) to great effect with many clients, achieving on average 10-20lbs weight loss within 4 weeks!


You have absolutely nothing to lose, so go for it, and I guarantee you will feel and look a whole lot better for it!


Note - if you have any medical problems that may be effected by exercise, make sure you consult your GP before undertaking nay exercise plan.


Feel free to email with any questions


To your success


Andy ;-)

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