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Personal Training in Weymouth’s Great Outdoors!

Monday, April 13th, 2009

Currently training for Ironman, the vast majority of my own training (anything between 10-18 hrs a week) takes place in the outdoors; running in the countryside and cycling on the roads, and last week I even substituted one of my 3 weekly pool based swim sessions to don my wetsuit and try out the sea. That said, I can’t say I got too much swimming done, as at 9 degrees, it felt like the sea was repeatedly smacking me accross the head with an iceburg, which makes training pretty hard and not a lot of fun! The fun stuff however comes from my current resistance training program, which takes place outdoors using bodyweight, medicine balls, resistance bands, and some speed, agility and quickness equipment like hurdles, ladders and a parachute.


Anyway, in recent weeks, with the sun coming out to play, I’ve noticed  that there are 5-10 times the number of people actually utilising the outdoors as a playground for fitness training. While cycling last weekend I must have past 100 cyclists during the 4 hours I was on my bike, which is a massive contrast to a week before that when the weather wasn’t so great and I saw less than a handful in the same 4 hour period. The number of people out there running is also growing with the improvements in weather. This is obviously great, but having myself trained outdoors fully throughout the autumn and winter months, it also makes me wonder why it is that many of these people have waited for so long to get out there to train! However, the purpose of this post is not to talk about why people get so slack over the cooler seasons, but rather to forward to you a few ideas for workouts to perform outdoors for maximum results, in minumum time.


Although there are huge numbers of cyclists and runners out there training in the sunshine, I’m yet to see anyone maximising the use of local parks, the beach or recreation grounds to complete their resistance workouts. However the gyms I train clients in seem to be gettin busier each week with at the moment as people realise that speedo season is just around the corner and maybe now is the time to shape up. This is great because people are training, but it also makes me wonder why when it’s a beautiful sunny day, would anyone (other than perhaps bodybuilders) want to train in a gym?! Thankfully, a few of my gym based clients have been seizing the initiative and asking me to take them outdoors to train, so we’ve just grabbed a few bits of equipment from my car and trained on a football pitch, in a park, or even in their gardens, an we’ve had some pretty amazing workouts using minimal equipment.


Here’s a look at one of the fat busting sessions one of my middle aged female clients performed with me during the week, using giant sets (4 exercises completed in sequence).


5 min boxing warm up

3 min dynamic flexibility


Giant set 1: Repeat x 3


Bodyweight squat to lunge x 20

Rotating push up x 20

Crossover lunge x 20

Climbers x 30 sec


Giant set 2: Repeat x 3


Resistance band speed punch x 50

Resistance band speed row x 50

Resistance band speed fly x 25

Resistance band polling x 25


Jogging/walking cool down, followed by some flexibility work.


So there’s just one simple yet awesome fat burning workout you can perform outdoors using nothing but a resistance band and your own bodyweight. That particular session was performed on a football pitch, using goal posts as an attachment for the bands.


One of the keys to sustaining your training is ensuring that it’s fun. So mix things up all the time. You don’t have to be in a gym to have a great resistance workout, so get outdoors and train. If you have a set workout that you perform in the gym, look at it and adapt it. For instance if you have bent over rows in your gym session, perform a bodyweight row under a bar in a park. If you have bench press, do push ups. Swap lat pull downs for pull ups, weighted squats for bodyweight squats supersetted with sprinter squats and so on.


The good weather doesn’t tend to stick around for long, so make the most out of it!


My best


Andy ;-)

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