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Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

SESSION NO. 2 - 24/02/09

Another great session at Overcombe Beach today. Decided to give the guys a bit of something different tonight, so brought down a load of tyres, a killer workout and a bright yellow jacket!

I had a bit of a hamstring niggle, so was gutted I couldn’t train. However, the others certainly trained! Check out the session, again working in pairs:

Circuit 1

Partner A: Tyre deadlift to throw, for 25 metres, Partner B: 20m sprint up, jog back (swap when 1 lap of tyre throws completed)

Circuit 2

Partner A: 20m sprint up, jog back, Partner B: Push ups on tyre, squats, tyre squat to press, tyre press up to deadlift to curl to press. Did this for 2 sets of 5 mins continuous. Great burn!

Superset 1

Partner A: Tyre side hops, Partner B: Squats

Superset 2:

Partner A: Tyre push up, to deadlift, to curl, to press, Partner B: 5 x 10m stone sprints (up a 60 degree incline!)

Superset 3:

Partner A: Tyre push up to tyre squat, Partner B: 20m sprint up and back

Followed by a cool down and some stretching.

A LOT of quality work out in in just 60 minutes, including warm up and cool down.

 Next week will be at a different location, with even more immense exercises and a great burn!

See you there!

Andy ;-)

07843 438173

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