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Friday, February 20th, 2009


I have recently created a community over at for those in Dorset involved in health and fitness. It’s a place for people to share ideas, meet like minded people, and get professional, FREE advice on fitness, nutrition and training.


Go check it out, sign yourself up, and get involved!


Andy ;-)

07843 438173


Andy ;-)

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Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Almost everyone has various goals in all aspects of their lives, and those that don’t, lack purpose and direction. However those who have unrealistic or incorrectly set goals also lack this purpose and direction, and find that they waste so much time ‘trying’ to achieve their goal, without every really getting out of first gear, and subsequently fail. In essence, we all should have many short, medium and long term goals, and should not limit ourselves to achieving one at a time. A unilateral approach often has a negative impact in other aspect of your life. For example, setting out purely to earn twice as much money this year as you did last year may well have a huge impact on the time you have available for your family, your friends, and yourself, which will have other consequences such as family problems, a feeling social seclusion, decreased fitness, and many health problems such increased stress as a cocktail of all of the above.


This article focuses on the structure of setting clear goals. The format should be used for every single goal, and you should rememeber not to limit yourself to one ambition.


It is vitally important to set clear and distinct goals, and then not stop until you have achieved them, whether they are social, family or work related, physical or anything else. If you don’t set appropriate goals and follow several principles, rarely will you will ever achieve them.


An example of an ineffective goal would be to state that ‘this year I am going to lose weight’. In this instance, how much  weight do you want to lose? Is it really weight you want to drop, or is it simply a clothing size or 3? By what time this year do you want to have achieved this goal? Why do you want to achieve it? How are you going to achieve it? You can see that the ‘goal’ is highly flawed, and leaves far too much room for ultimate failure, which is quite possibly why you are reading this and thinking of all those times you have said to yourself that ‘this is the year that I’m gonna get thin’, only to still be sat there wishing that you had stuck to exercising and eating right.


The difference between succeeding and failing in life, fitness and love, can be the way in which you go about setting, and then accomplishing your goals. The following information is not ‘cutting edge’, nor is it amazing new research. What it is, is simple and highly effective advice that will ensure that one week, one month, one  year from  now, you won’t be sat there wondering why you haven’t achieved everything that you set out to in that time period.


The principles of goal achievement, as I see them, are illustrated perfectly by ’The 5 W’s’




The key to effectively answering this, is to ensure that the goal is specific to you and what you want to achieve. The goal should also something that you can successfully measure. For example, rather than stating ‘I want to lose be thinner’, you need to specify a realistic and attainable (yet challenging) target. So saying that ‘I want to be a size 10′ would be a great start to effectively setting the goal. This however, is still incomplete and is setting you up for failure before you even begin your quest.


2. WHEN?


Nice and easy, put a date on it. In the example used above, no time scale is given, making the goal very vague and lacking purpose and thus leaves great risk of failure. Simply saying you wish to become a size 10 is not enough. When do you want to do it by? Tomorrow? Next week? 6 weeks? 6 months? A year from now? As I’ve said, it’s very simple stuff! Now our goal could look like this: ‘I want to be a size 10 by July 6th 2009′. Now we’re starting to pave the path toward total goal achievement and our ideal shape, and are ready for the next W.


3. WHY?


It’s all very well and good setting a goal such as that above, but without being totally 100% honest with yourself and discovering why it is that deep down you want to achieve it, there’s little hope of you going the distance.. In order to be fully aware of why you wish to achieve the goal, it may be necessary to do some soul searching, and not be scared to tell yourself the home truths that have been at the back of your mind for months or  maybe years. So look at your newly written goal, and pick it apart. The following example may help . . . .


‘I want to be a size 10 by July 6th 2009′


Because that’s the date I’m going to be in public in just my swimsuit on the beach.

Why do you want to be a size 10 for that?

Becuase I am too big and don’t look how I want to look.

What do you want to look like?

I want to look healthy and fit, with the body of my youth, rather than the sluggish, motivation lacking person that stares back at me in the mirror now.

So why do you really want to lose the inches?

Because my self esteem is low, I lack energy, I often get breathless climbing the stairs, and I’m tired of having to wear black, baggy clothes in an attempt to cover up the body that my sedentary lifestyle has caused me to develop.


Job done. We have uncovered WHY you want to become a size 10, and now our goal can look as follows:


‘I want to become a size 10 by July 6th 2009 so that I can look great and feel confident in my swimwear on holiday’


Now our goal is properly constructed, written down, and staring us in the face, it’s time to ask one final question . . .

Am I willing to devote the time, energy and money necessary to achieve my goal?’


To answer this you have to first know the relevant info.

How much time per day/week/month am I going to have to devote to achieving? Am I willing to get up that extra hour early in the morning, train on my lunchbreak or miss out on eating and drinking at the pub with friends on a Saturday night?

How much effort am I going to have to put into achieving it? Am I willing to plan my meals, make sure I follow a training programme strictly, learn to say no to fast food and sedentary habbits?

How much money is it going to cost me? Am I willing to pay X amount for a gym membership, X amount for a better quality diet and X amount for some new gym shoes? (losing weight doesn’t have to be expensive I might add, these are just examples!)


If you can answer that yes, you are willing to commit 100% to achieving your goal, you are ready to get started, and work toward the final W.




Winning; to be successful or victorious in a test. In this case, the test is your goal, and winning is accomplishing exactly what you set out to. Winning is not always easy, and with any real goal, comes hard work, effort and quite often sacrifice. If you have been willing to totally commit to achieving the goal, and have successfully implemented your goal achievement plan (in the above example, a nutrition and fitness programme), you will have won. So when it comes to July 6th 2009, when you are standing proud in your swimwear, not only will you be confident and glowing with health and vitality, but you will be safe in the knowledge that you have achieved a target that so many before you have set out to do, only to fail at the third, second or even first hurdle. You will have won.


Yours in health and vitality


Andy Sloan

07843 438173

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10 things YOU can do TODAY to improve your health

Monday, February 16th, 2009

The following is a list of 10 simple things that you can do to improve your health and well being, starting NOW!


1. Ensure that you are drinking around 1 litre of water per 25kg of bodyweight per day - If this seems too much and you will keep going back and forth from the toilet, add a pinch of Celtic Sea Salt to each litre (you won’t be able to taste this but it’ll do the trick ;-)

2. Reduce your tea and coffee intake - As diuretics, these beverages dehydrate your body, as well as causing un necessary internal stress within your body. So cut them out and stick to high quality water!
3. Reduce your intake of packaged/processed food - These foods are laden with additives, preservatives, fungicides, pesticides, and all sorts of other chemicals that your body is not designed to utilise. If you have been consistantly eating these foods, many of the chemicals will have been ‘dumped’ in your fat stores, and need to go! The weight loss you can achieve through eliminating these foods is amazing!
4. Eat organic - On the contrary to processed and packaged foods (and to an extent, commercially farmed/reared produce and meat), organic foods are full of nutrients vital to optimising the way your body and its internal systems function (not to mention enhancing your skin, mood, energy levels and more). Think abvout it, what the farmer fertilizes the ground with, and sprays on his crops, then goes into the crops, which you then eat! So even eating something fresh and wholesome like an apple is going to result in you ingesting various chemicals. However, if foods have been naturally grown and fed, you are treated to all the goodness that they have absorbed.
5. Swap from white to brown - This especially goes for breads, pastas and rice. The closer the product is to its natural, unrefined state, the better. Granary bread, wholewheat pasta and brown rice are all higher in fibre and less sugary than their white alternatives, providing a slower and sustained energy release, while also helping to improve digestion and the health of your colon.


6. Eat as much raw produce as possible - Regarding your fruit and veg intake, raw is often best. Cooking kills off enzymes which are vital for ‘unlocking’ the energy within foods as well as aiding in digestion. Many vitamins and minerals are also sensitive to heat. Cooking makes the foods more sugary so they get into your blood stream quicker, resulting in a quick energy ’spike’, but later resulting in a plummet! If you are cooking fruits and veg, cook slow and at a low heat as the damage to vitamins, minerals and enzymes is decreased.

7. Eat protein with every meal -To ensure that your body has sufficient proteins to repair itself, a steady supply of the nutrient is necessary. So with each meal, make sure that you get some high quality protein in, such as that provided from organic chicken, grass fed beef, raw nuts and seeds.
8. Avoid all trans and hydrogenated fats - Such as those found in ‘low fat’ products, fast foods, pastries, cakes, biscuits and all the ‘fun’ stuff. It’s not so fun when you know that the chemical formula of trans fats is not too dis similar to plastic! Try digesting and getting energy from a cling film sandwich!

9. Don’t avoid fats - Just make sure you are getting them from quality sources, such as olive oil, organic meats and poultry, organic fresh fish (not farmed), organic seeds and raw nuts, flax oil, coconut oil. Fat is essential within your body, so don’t cut it out (that will do more damage than good), just be aware of what it is you are putting into your body, and what it is that your body actually needs!

10. Get outside in the fresh air and do some exercise - Whether it’s a full on workout or just taking the dog for a walk, get some sort of physical activity done and give your body a reason to grow stronger!
Hope these tips have helped ;-)
Yours in health


Andy  ;-)


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Circuit Training Starting at Redlands, Weymouth (Dorset)

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Due to popular demand, Procision Fitness will now be providing circuit training on Thursday evenings, 6.30pm at Redlands Community Sports Hub in Weymouth, Dorset. The sessions are starting on Thursday March 5th at 6.30pm.


All ages (16+) and abilities welcome. The sessions are desgined to boost your metabolism and fat burning ability through functional exercises utilising both resistance and cardiovascular exercises.


Sessions cost £3.50, payable to the sports centre.


I look forward to seeing you all there!


Andy ;-)

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Mobile Personal Training in Weymouth, Dorset, from Procision Fitness

Thursday, February 12th, 2009



I’ve had a few people ask me what exactly is mobile personal training, and why is it so good?  So while I’ve got 5 minutes I thought I’d give you a quick breakdown of a few of the reasons why mobile personal training with Procision Fitness is becoming such a huge hit in Weymouth and Dorset. 


Firstly, a quick summary of what mobile personal training is for those who are unaware: Rather than you having to go to a gym, studio, leisure centre or other facility, the trainer generally comes directly to you, bringing all the necessary equipment. This ensures that your training takes no longer than it need to, as it takes out the travel time, of say going to a gym, which may be anything from 5 to 30 minutes (or further) away. This is a great bonus for those with busy jobs, dependent children or simply limited free time. I can’t speak for other trainers, but Procision Fitness always ensure that for the 30 minutes to an hour that you are with your trainer, your workout is thorough, effective and efficient, not wasting a single second, so as soon as your trainer leaves, you are ready to get on with the rest of your day.


Another great benefit that Procision Fitness offers you, is the opportunity to train with us anytime between 6am and 11pm. There are very few gyms out there that offer that, and certainly none within Weymouth, Portland or Dorchester that I know of! This means that for almost everyone, there is time to train either before, after or even during work, so that training doesn’t have to run your busy schedule!


Many trainers working in large chain gyms and fitness centres with be contracted specifically to train soley within their facility. However, although Procision Fitness is a mobile service predominantly, we also have a number of links with local fitness facilities, enabling us to train clients in them. This means that if you want personal training in your Weymouth or South Dorset home you can get it, or if you wish to be trained in a local gym that can also be arranged. So the best of both worlds, with no additional gym fee!


On the topic of gym fees, that’s another thing you don’t have to worry about when recieving mobile personal training. As rather than pay £800 for a yearly membership somewhere, only to ‘forget about it’ and give up due to lack of interest, motivation and time, with mobile personal training you can be sure that you aren’t wasting a penny, as there really is no need for most people to use a gym for the goals they wish to achieve!


The last benefit I will touch upon is the fact that with mobile personal training, you can even be trained in your place of work! So this means even if you work long hours, a trainer can still come to you and train you during your lunch break, either in your office, the grounds or a company facility.


To briefly conclude, you could say that the main benefit of mobile personal training is that it takes much of the negative stress out of training, so you can concentrate on other important things in life such as family, friends and career development.


I hope this gives a good enough description of mobile personal training to those of you who are unaware of it! Apologies for the brevity of the post, but time is of the essence!


Yours in fitness and health


Andy ;-)

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Outdoor Circuit-based Group Fitness Training in Weymouth, Dorset

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Hey guys, check this out for a session!


Last Wednesday I was unable to provide circuit training at Budmouth Community Sports Centre as I was on a coaching course, so instead I offered an outdoor session, meeting at Cafe Oasis in Preston on the Tuesday evening.


We had a great turnout and got through a truely amazing workout (I know it was amazing because I trained as hard as anyone during the session to avoid the cold!). After a thorough warm up we worked in partners and completed the following:


Partner A: 20m beach Sprint, walk/jog back recovery

Partner B: Squats, Push ups (various techniques), Lunges, Climbers


We performed 60s at each station, alternating sprints with resistance (so when parner A is on 60s sprinting, B is on resistance exercise 1,2,3 or 4) for 60s, then swap). So we did one complete set of 8 minutes, rested for 2 minutes then did another set for fun!


Next circuit:


Partner A: 200m beach sprint/jog/whatever’s left in the tank!


Partner B: Using a bench/wall - Single leg step ups, Incline/decline/flat push ups, alternate step ups, dips


Using the same system as above (so while one runs the other does resistance), but this time you only perform resistance for as long as it takes your partner to get back and swap with you! We did one set of 10 minutes solid!


‘Bonus’ Circuit


Finally we got the toys out for a more conventional circuit. Stations were 200m beach sprint/run, buddy band rows, med ball lunge to chest pass, push ups, speed squats. Station change was when the runners got back and shifted everyone down!


After that we had a cool down jog-walk, then completed some stretching and partner assisted stretching.


Now by anyones measures, that’s an amazing and intense workout, guaranteed to strip fat and encourage the building of lean muscle tissue. The beauty of it is that we have various ages and abilities, and although you are expected to work hard, you work at your own pace, not anyone elses, making it suitable for pretty much anyone ;-)


The very best bit . . .


Although intended only as a one off session, everyone who attended asked for me to make this a regular thing. I’m more than happy to do this, therefore Procision Fitness will be offering this session on Tuesday evening’s, at 6.30pm.


The way it works is as follows:


The series of sessions is called HARDCORE & OUTDOORS  (don’t let the name put you off though, all ages (16+) and abilities welcome)


1.)     Contact me online or on 07843438173 to register an interest and/or get more info.

2.)     On the Sunday night before the Tuesday session you will recieve an email/text/call (depending on your preference) letting you know the meeting place, anything you may need (e.g - warm clothes!) and the basic plan.

3,)     On the Tuesday evening we will meet in the designated place at 6.25pm, ready for a pre-session briefing and a prompt 6.30pm start (sessions will be in Weymouth, but depending on preferences, Dorchester and Portland can be looked into). 


4.)     The session will then get underway and you will get a series of the greatest workouts you will ever experience!




These sessions cost just £3 each, or £17 for a block of 6 sessions.


However, if after your first session you decide you didn’t enjoy it and have no interest in coming again, you can have a full refund. These sessions aren’t being put on soley to generate income, it’s more a case of helping you to maximise the benefits from your training, and keeping your body guessing ;-)


In order to keep this session small and exclusive, there are a maximum of 20 places available for each session, so get your name down ASAP to ensure your place.


I look forward to seeing you.


Andy ;-)

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